Ren Hakuryuu

Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic



Spear: Pole consists of three sections of PVC pipe held together by smaller PVC pipes and foam on the inside. The blade is cardboard, wrapped in masking tape, and spray painted a metallic color. The fluffy thing near the blade is two old wig ponytails, hot glued to the gold donut thing, which is also made of cardboard. It can be fully disassembled.

Headdress: Made of craft foam, taped, and painted. Side things bend with the aid of paper clips. Detailing done in hot glue and ribbon. Head ribbons made of strips of black fabric with paint.

Kimono-looking thing: Undershirt made of linen; vest-jacket made of mostly polyester garbadine. Despite breaking several needles and a lot of seam ripping, probably the easiest pattern to follow.

Belt...thing: Rectangle of polyester. Trimmed with ribbon and bias tape.

Pants: Made of black garbadine in the exact same way I made the pants for Hanbei, except this one has elastic.

Apron: Made of linen.

That shawl-thing: The base is leftover upholstery vinyl, which was covered entirely by black polyester lining fabric. The scale design was painted on using acrylic paint and silver Sharpies. The edges are trimmed with gold ribbon.

For the armored version:
Pauldrons: craft foam and cardboard base, covered with expanding foam, taped, paper mâché-d and painted.

Circlet: wire base, foam, and feather boa.


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Series Magi: the Labyrinth of Magic
Character Ren Hakuryuu


sakakirose Hakuryuu~ I wish we'd had time to take more pictures together! You look /flawless/.