Seung Mina

Soul Calibur IV



I've wanted to do this costume for the longest time, and I thought I wouldn't get the chance until late next year. But wouldn't you know it, I get a 20% off coupon for Joann's, and all the brocade goes on sale.... And it happened.

The base fabric of the cosplay is some polyester sateen of some sort. I can't remember the exact name-- all I know is when I went back for more, they didn't have it anymore.

I patterened both the top and the skirt by myself, and that shirt.... wasn't as bad as it could have been.

The collar is a sleeve of fabric over craft foam, sewn into the shirt. Craft foam was the only thing thick enough that would stand straight.

The skirt is one big retangle that velcros around my waist, followed by a long red tie. All the details are hand painted on, and that took about two weeks.

The shirt and the skirt are both fully lined with gold brocade. All of the white, red and gold trim was cut, hand rolled and ironed, before being sewn on. That was a total pain, but so worth it in the end, since it looks so awesome.

The wig is a base wig that I bought at a local wig shop, and a clip in ponytail. Add some green trim and flowers and voila.

The boots were some rainboots that I bought, hacked to pieces and glued fabric over. The knee plate is craft foam, super glue, modge podge and paint. Oh, and velcro.


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Series Soul Calibur IV
Character Seung Mina


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