Syo Kurusu

Uta no Prince-Sama!

Hat was a pain in the but to make, had to cave foam to get the dome shape, then i glue that to a base hat, then i carved foam eyes, then i glues that to that base foam, then i created the hat pattern out of tape, then i took that and made a first layer out of white fabric, then i made a green final layer, then i drew in Photoshop the designs that the hat has, then i used iron on transfer paper. to transfer it onto the hat.

the shirt was easy, made a basic shirt, after i sewed the brown trim on then i used htv vinyl to create the design on the shirt, i used to cut each part out of each color separately and i ironed them on all together in layers. and i hammered in brads so i can add the ties into it

Shorts were easy also, but im tired so i'll finish explain later.
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Series Uta no Prince-Sama!
Character Syo Kurusu
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