Custom Lolita Dress for Maria




My friend Maria approached me with a lolita dress design. She told me no one has ever made a design she's drawn out. She was super excited since day 1 lol. I've never made lolita dresses. Ever lol. So this was bound to be an interesting experience (i let her know this too). I was a little against it (internally, emotionally...). It was a little "out of my league" so to speak. I didn't feel super confident i could do it. I made some really dumb mistakes along the way but it still worked out decent. I learned -alot- and also have quite a bit of respect towards all you lolita dress makers. I put this off alot because i didn't want to work on it when i was super stressed with work. I felt really bad since there was a period of 3 months where i just couldnt touch it. Period. I was going though some really rough crap at work and i became depressed. After i moved to another building i was fine and started work again on this. Feel free to critique this as you like since any suggestions and tips are appreciated.


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Character Custom Lolita Dress for Maria


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