Duela Dent

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Construction Details:
This version of Duela is actually portraying the Joker. Keeping that in mind I wanted to make sure picked very Joker like fabrics. I wanted to have high end fabrics like velvet, but keeping with the quirky nature that is the Joker I wanted to through in some funner textures and fabrics like the colored vinyl and metallic spandex. :)

The corset was made of orange poly poplin and is fully boned and has a built in bra. Purple detail is set in and made of pleather. The panties are made of purple pleather and detailed with brass studs. The "skirt" is made of purple velvet. Took a few draping tries to get the right shape and swag that she has on the figure! Once I did I pleated it and sewed a waist band on it. The garters, panties and leggings are all sewn together to keep everything in place. The leggings are made of metallic spandex and trimmed with the same green as the corset. For the arm warmers, it's made of purple stretch purple velvet, trimmed with purple vinyl. Cuffs are purple gabirdine with gold design done in vinyl. The green bit on the bottom is vinyl as well. Gloves are purple spandex. Armor bits on shoulders and neck are made of craft foam covered in vinyl and spandex, detailed with brass studs, gears and vinyl. Hat was purchased. Goggles are made from mason jars, pleather and the same green vinyl used on the arm warmers. All the belts on this costume were made from reinforced pleater. All studs are brass. The flower is made of gears and plastic water bottle! Same thing for the gear thing on the leggings. Shoes were painted.

Soooo Body make up... was a disaster. The test we did with BenNye was great but does not hold up well at all. Next time I'll be using PAX on the body and something else on the face.
Back back was made by Ice_Man and is awesome! Not 100% sure how he worked his magic, but it has a moving gear, container full of water and all of it lights up! Super boss!

Personal Thoughts:
I swear these costumes are cursed! I started working on it last year before Fanime 2011. Didn't finish it for Fanime or SDCC that year, so when a group formed for 2012 SDCC I pushed to finish it. Working on this costume was very tedious and difficult, much more so than the design leads you to believe! However, despite all the set backs being able to wear it with such a large talented group and working with DC at SDCC 2012 was totally worth it all!


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