Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt



I finished this one in two nights, using fabrics I've saved previously for other cosplays...since I got asked as cosplay partner rather days before the next event.. ;A;

I used black fabric, a white-almost-transparent-silk for all those whitey points. For the bows I used crinoline to keep them though and lined it with silk royal blue. I had the black & white stripe socks, which I dyed with a (later regrettable) dark blue. The shoes were from my old highschool time. :3

The Honekoneko I did make last year using white, black, and purple felt, green zipper and patchwork pieces I usually save from other sewing works. Like my other usual plushie props, this one also serves as a comfortable bag. The plushie's eyes were all fully embroidery, as other minor details like the bones. About this one, I can do a tutorial later on.... after I find the pics of when I was sewing it xD

Well, all girly goth, I used two sets of eyelashes; one for my upper lashes and half of the second set for the lower lashes. All goth make-up, which I preferred a bit more light to make her cute.

The wig I bought last year. Both, the Honekoneko plushie and the wig served me as encouragement to do this costume ASAP, heh.

Was everything. I also had a very sexy rival, Kneesocks, which I did her horn, got for her the red body painting and lend her my white long wig. For future note, I'll do a photoshoot for this one; I got an offer for one :'D So, just gotta fix some 'bugs' and will see later on :3


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