I wanted to cosplay a character that I could ride my motorcycle. I drive a black EX500, which needs a bit of work... but who cares right?

I picked this character because it was simple and I had an extra helmet.

The body suit was purchased on ebay, but it needed modifications because it didn't fit very well.

I made the helmet ears with Sintra, and covered the seams with bodyfiller, painted. This will require a bit more work, as i missed a lot of gaps and holes in the body filler because I rushed. I also don't like the paint job, so it will get fixed before my official photoshoot scheduled for Onicon 2012.

Things to do:
Fix and finished helmet (finish paint as well, as I didn't finish it originally because I wasn't happy with the first pass of paint).

Buy black gloves.


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Series Durarara
Character Celty


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