This costume was more of a original concept based around cosplay fashion. It came into existence when my friend Kitsunesqueak on dA wanted to do a shoot of an original character that was a life-size ball-jointed doll with a kid as her owner.

So she put together the Doll cosplay while I put together this, which I've thus dubbed as "Ronin". I kinda imagined him to be a quiet possessive character, a little on the punk, mysterious side. The vast majority of this cosplay comes from pieces other costumes, such as the button up shirt, the wig, and shoes. But I made the tie and used some new jewelry to make it more unique and it's own thing. I really had fun doing this shoot for this costume, so I hope to be able to bring him out again in the future. Anyway, I hope you like it!


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Series Original
Character Ronin
Variant Casual


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