Heiwajima Shizuo




Did this one for KamiCon 2012 in Tuscaloosa, AL. I was able to closet cosplay the majority of it minus the vest and wig (which I purchased off of ebay).

The sign was made by me. I wanted to do something a little different from the ones I'd seen other cosplayers do, so I just came up with my own design. Everyone got a kick out of it at the con. Lol


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Series Durarara!!
Character Heiwajima Shizuo


nikitachikita Ah, sorry for the late reply! I'm awful at checking this account nowadays... DX Sadly, only thing I remember is that I got it off of eBay. I can't recall the seller's name, but that they had a really big store on there. >_<;;

Aira Kay Mind if I ask where you got the vest from? I've been looking all over for one, and yours looks perfect, haha. ^_^ Great cosplay!