icentertainer as Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Moon

Season 1/2 Senshi Uniform

Cosplayer: icentertainer
Purchased in 2020 (the dark years).

**FABRIC SOURCES: [1] JoAnn Fabrics, [2] local fabric store, [3] Discount Textile Warehouse (Chicago), [4] Amazon, [5] Etsy, [6] THE HOARD (of fabric in my closet), [7] Other**

There’s really no reason for Amazon to have decent Sailor Scout costumes, but they do, and in a pitiful act of 2020 survival, I purchased things for every scout. Since then, I have sold most of them, but I’ve kept my girl Mercury.

The base is from Amazon [4] and I styled it to my liking, which is basically no styling except big ol’ gravity defying bangs.

It's just from Amazon [4]. I know right? The fuku, gorgeous bows, and gloves that are definitely too tight are all from Bezos.

The choker is just a simple ribbon [1] that I need to make into a genuine choker with a clasp. The tiara is from a wonderful Etsy [5] creator.

The shoes consist of boot covers [5] from a lovely Etsy creator (I must have purchased them in like 2017), and the heels are interchangeable depending on my mood. Normally, I use a big chunky heel boot so I don’t fall over like a imbalanced deer.

Thank you so much for reading and looking, and please feel free to reach out with any questions!