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Reno has grown on me over time, and for a while I've thought about cosplaying him, but never actually got around to it until now. Thing is, my panel group for Fanime was in talks of doing a Final Fantasy panel, but originally having it be male characters only. There aren't a lot of male FF characters I'd cosplay, but finally I remembered that I had been wanting to do Reno. But now the panel is gonna be an all characters FF VII panel.

Reno's another cosplay where I already had most of it. Though after many attempts of trying to alter a pair of goggles for him, I gave up after many fails and bought a new pair. I made the rod weapon. It's... a funny thing how I made it as I used what used to be part of a wall scroll of mine(the rod parts or whatever they're called fell off it a while ago D: ) and I decided to use one for Reno's weapon after altering it.

I have the base wig already and have ordered a clip-in weft for the ponytail.

Over time, I have replaced the goggles with glasses that are very similar to the ones he wears in Advent Children.


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