Since we were trainers for the Pokemon Ribbon Challenge 3 at ALA 2018, (myself a water trainer and husband an ice trainer *cough Juvia & Grey cough*) we chose water and ice type pokemon to cosplay. I ended up making WARTORTLE! And loved every second of it.

The shell is not currently functional as a backpack but I do plan on making it to actually use. I thrifted the netted shirt, wore my own white shirt underneath and shoes i already owned. Made a simple high-low circle skirt with the same jersey material I made the arm sleeves. In the future, I'll put lace all the way around the edge of the skirt, but I ran out of time. Used the same wig I use for Eruka Frog, but pinned the bangs out of the way. The tail and ears were the most difficult. The tail is stuffed with batting and we safety pinned it to the shell. The ears are fabric covered craft foam because I desperately wanted them to match the tail. Hahah!

Super comfy. And the majority of people recognized me! Only got called Squirtle a couple times. I love the creativity of putting together pokemon gijinka!

Now Worn: Anime Los Angeles 2018


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