Amanda DeSanta

Grand Theft Auto V



Age makeup done by my bf's wildly talented cousin! She made me look old, I love it! She also assisted with posing me, and even staged a breakfast for the shoot. SO AWESOME <3 I couldn't have done that myself, it was so much fun. Photos by my bf's mom.

So, I loveeeee GTA:V (like, I lived/breathed it when it first came out, and just enjoyed every moment of it's ridiculousness, especially all things Trevor related), but I knew I could never pull of Tracey DeSanta. Amanda was the next obvious choice, especially because I absolutely love her meta yoga shirt. I had the red part of the shirt made into a shirt at Zazzle and then cut it apart/made the rest of the outfit. I hand embroidered the rose on the pants. I wanted it to look Ed Hardy-ish because I feel like her character would wear something like that. Easiest costume ever, made it the morning we left for the beach and I embroidered the rose at the beach itself.


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Series Grand Theft Auto V
Character Amanda DeSanta


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