Ravenclaw Student

Harry Potter

When Alan Rickman died in January of 2016, my friend Ziggo started a Harry Potter group, with the intention of attending on the Thursday of that year, and he sent me an invite. I'm so rarely invited to cosplay with anyone outside of OPIB and Patti and Steph, and I'd been meaning to put together a Ravenclaw costume for ages, it just seemed like the time was right.

I think the sweater vest was a Christmas gift from Hobbie's House. I believe the tie is licensed, bought off eBay ages ago. The white shirt, of course, came from the approximately three million I have left over from my Catholic high school days. I bought the robe from Wizarding World Orlando's online store, complete with patch. The skirt is an A-line box pleated skirt, Prisoner of Azkaban style from Land's End. The Mary Jane flats were found on AliExpress.

Finally, I asked Galdurwand to make me a custom wand; after asking me a bunch of questions, he created two wands, one that lights up but it slightly stockier, and one that doesn't but is slightly more elaborate and slender, both of which are just gorgeous beyond belief.
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