Gloha_h as Non Non

Non Non

Shunya Yamashita (artwork)

Cosplayer: Gloha_h
NI fell in love with the artwork of Shunya Yamashita when I was researching variations of Asuka's Evangelion Plugsuit. Non Non really stood out to me, and when the opportunity came for me to purchase her statuette, I did! Money well spent!

Non Non Costume: Top down....that's my natural hair, pulled into two buns. I drafted the white bun coverlets, and made the pink and black wraps. Basically, they're just fabric glued together with a painted on black border stitched onto an elastic band. The dress is made with dull pink satin (so it's not so trash bag shiny) using McCalls pattern #4369. The front had to be modified greatly for the open triangle part around the bust area. The black and gold designs are vinyl, free drafted and glued on with Dritz Liquid Stitch Adhesive (recommended highly because it doesn't dry stiff and abrasive). After I glued the gold trim to the bottom of the skirt, I trimmed the fabric and glued more trim to the inside of the skirt so that no hems show. The silver frogs on the front were store bought and glued on. The gloves were made from a 4 way stretch silver vinyl using Vogue pattern 7949 (this pattern is made for women with tiiiiiny twig arms-adjust accordingly!). I free drafted the swirly design and glued them on with Dritz Liquid Stitch Adhesive. The tights were bought, but the silver and black trim, gold swirls and black diamond were glued on with Dritz Liquid Stitch Adhesive.

I'm very happy with this costume, although for some reason it REALLY fought me during construction. It was challenging working with so many fabric types and sewing methods, but well worth it! There are some mess ups on this costume that make me pouty-I got the gold/black trim backwards, and my gloves don't flare at the top of the arm-and although these may seem nitpicky, it does bother me from time to time.

Also-cosplayers-careful with your glue on eyelashes! My left ones were giving me problems and resulted in many unintended Derp Face pictures! *grrr*