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After debating about the practicality of the costume I have decided to not make this as a quadsuit, instead make it so I'm standing in the front of the Hippogryph. This will increase the wearability of the costume and also make it so that I can control the wings myself without any electrical circuits.

Plus when scaling the costume to my body it'll mean the size is much more impressive! (I'm just hoping I'll be able to fit it in the car to take it anywhere XD) I've already scaled the wings and each one, when folded out, will be taller then me D=

I'm not sure when events I'll be able to attend with this costume due to practicality and with being busy due to life issues, but I'm hoping Manchester McM Expo and London McM May Expo.

Progress videos will be uploaded at some point on my youtubezzz: http://www.youtube.com/user/Silantre, But for now just a few teaser pictures I'm afraid.

Features I hope to include on this costume:

-Glowing eyes
-Handmade realistic, follow-me, resin cast eyeballs
-Moving jaw
-Visible breath (this idea still has to be tested >.>)
-Voice box
-Blinking eyes
-Articulated/mechanical wings
-Articulated/mechanical hind legs (to allow for rear leg movement in single person design)
-Jointed front claws for realistic movement
-Built in drinks container
-Built in cooling fan
-Swishing tail
-Detachable armor

(Again I don't know if I'll be able to fit all of this in, but hey! Let's aim for the stars!)


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Series World of Warcraft
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Variant Cenarion Mount


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