Lenna Charlotte Tycoon

Final Fantasy V



Third in the installment of Final Fantasy cosplays. Originally, I was going to cosplay Faris as part of my goal to cosplay from every Final Fantasy game, but Leena jumped out at me instead. I'm very glad I chose her since she is a fun character to cosplay and like me in many ways.

The dress was made using a half skirt and basic top pattern cut to match. I used knit fabric since it draped well and was the right color. The boots, bracelets, belt, and necklace were borrowed from Relterra. The wig was one I already had.


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Created 8 years ago
Series Final Fantasy V
Character Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Variant Sprite


Celine Ooh, this is awesome! Not many people do FF5, and it's great to see the original freelancer/sprite designs! Very cute.

Lunairetic Yay, another Freelancer Lenna cosplayer! And here I was thinking I'd be lonely! :P I really like the fabrics and accessories that you chose, it's all very practical while still having a feminine silhouette. I went the "overly fancy & Princessy" route myself, but lets just be honest with ourselves, your Lenna looks like she could actually go adventuring, ahaha! XD Lovely work!

FusionRose Leena! Love this so much, you make such a pretty leena ^_^ x.

Liliana Lenna!~ I love seeing her sprite outfit be cosplayed. And you look so pretty!