Final Fantasy III



This was my second time making a cosplay from scratch and still had extensive help from my mom. She had to leave town a few days before the con so I was super stressed, but still managed to finish it and was really pleased with the results. I'm a natural brunette, but after my friends saw me with this wig they keep telling me to go blonde, lol. xD

I can be really picky with my fabric so I searched and searched for a woven fabric of the right blue color at a decent price, to no avail. Just as I was about to give up and buy cheap broadcloth, I came across this new fabric that had just arrived in the suiting fabric section. IT WAS PERFECT, EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. It's the part of this costume that makes me the happiest. c:

The tunic is white cotton sateen, the clasp and pockets are craft foam, the earrings are Sculpey, the pants were a nice velour from a thrift store, and the boots are made of suede that zips in the back. It was my first time making bootcovers. It was a little stressful but they turned out not too bad--except they keep slipping down because I didn't put any elastic at the top.


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