Yami Bakura




I styled the wig with Got2b Glued freezing spray (as I cut it) after having it trimmed a little by my hairdresser. I did most of the cutting myself though.

For the shirt, it was just a plain white, cotton t-shirt with fabric ironed and sewn onto the shirt (with my Nana's help)

For the trench coat, I got it on eBay and altered the sleeves and the collar so it would stand up on the top half, and for the bottom half to not be too wide. I also painted the rings that the belt goes through black to blend in.

I made the ring out of aluminum foil and lightweight room temperature drying clay. I molded the base with the foil (ring and triangle) and covered and smoothed the clay over it as best as I could. I molded the loops for the dangles with the clay and and secured the loops so they wouldn't break off. I molded the pointed dangles with the clay and pushed hooks with screws into the dangles and hung them onto the loops. I squeezed the hooks together with pliers so they wouldn't come off. As for the rope, I just tied twine onto the top loop.

I used my own jeans and shoes for the costume.


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Character Yami Bakura


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