Lum Invader

Urusei Yatsura

Hope to do another photo-shoot with Lum cosplay.
Why I made this costume: I am a big fan of classic and older anime. Not to say I don't watch a lot of newer stuff but I really enjoy the roots. Urusei Yatsura was one of thoes, also I really like Ranma 1/2. They are both great romantic comdies. If you haven't seen either I'd suggest it. I decided to go with Lum because I love her character. Besides who doesn't want to be an alien!

About the costume: When I was making this costume I had already own this long black fur fabric. It was like four inches long I wasn't using the extra for anything else do I decided to use it. I had it from a past commission I did. Then I found the perfect color fabric at a fabric store that sell higher qualit fabrics. I couldn't believe they had it there! I was lucky to not end up having to dye anything which would have been a pain! But I did have to cut down all the stripes from the black fur which got everywhere! I maybe vacuumed like 10 times! lol I just fiured out the rest no patterns so forms ugh. Knowing how much time a form would have been saving me all these years I would have got one a long time ago. Just sewed on all the stripes and made leg cover with a zipper in the backs. They side over shoes ^_^. The horns are sculpted and paint then clipped on. I styled the wig a little and cit it but nothing too crazy.
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Series Urusei Yatsura
Character Lum Invader
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