Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist



Worn for:
2011 Photoshoot
Bedford Mini-Con 2011
2011 Photoshoot #2

New wig acquired: --

Ed!! :D
I've always wanted to cosplay Ed, and when I learned that Ani_Taku had cosplayed him, I asked if he was going to anymore and he said no.
He gave we his wig, and coat, and ta-da, I was Ed!

I plan to make his Brotherhood outfits since I've finally finished the series.

Coat: (Not my work) Alex got a coat from a thrift store, and modified it, drawing the marking on the back with a fabric marker.

Wig: (Not my work) Alex sharpie dyed the wig, (which was a very light blond) to get the bright yellow it is now. I might take rubbing alcohol to the wig to tone down the color a bit I don't know.

Auto-Mail: I am going to make my auto-mail arm from a long, shoulder glove, 2-3 gallon jugs of milk, silver metallic paint, and silver/grey nylon/stretchy fabric.

Boots: For the boots, I might make full cover boot covers to go over the entire boot I'll wear for this cosplay, if I can't find any I can modify.

Pants: If I can find some slim black pants, I'll use those, though I may just use my black cords. xp

Gloves: I'm currently using a pair of band gloves.


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist
Character Edward Elric
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