The Opera Series


My new costume yaaaay! It's Millian from the Opera series :) in her casual assassin's outfit!

The costume is 90% complete right now, I still have to add details on the sleeves and on the belt.

Millian's images are a bit confusing, she wears brown-ish accessories on most of them, but they sometimes seem purple/grey. So I decided to go for the brown version, I thought it would add another colour to the combination.

For the costume, I used

*2m50 black velvet (jacket + tuni + short skirt)
*1m50 polyester lining for the tunic
*1m cotton lining for the jacket
*30cm of white angora faux fur
*1m of brown leatherette (tight-boots, waist thingy, bag and belt)
*10m silver gallon
* +/- 10m silver ribbon
*30cm of silver leatherette
*12 silver buttons

The chinese-style "brandebourgs" on the top are all handmade. Mostly because I am a little bit broke, so I couln't afford to buy ready made ones (they are terribly expensive). So I made each of them folding the same silver ribbon I used as a biais on the costume (WIP pics will follow asap)

The tights are not accurate yet, as the normal drawing is light-purple on the purple basis.

I used 6 little foam sheets for the arm armor, shoulder armors and back armor, covered with DIP material and then painted silver (twice)

Improvements will come soon ;-)


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Series The Opera Series
Character Millian
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