Female Klingon warrior

Star Trek



The Klingon warrior was my 2nd cosplay project, made back in 2014. I'm a huge fan of the good old '80s/'90s Klingons and as soon as I found out you can actually make your own Klingon forehead, it simply had to be done. Everything in this costume is handmade except for the disruptor (a toy gun from the '90s), the bat'leth (made by my father, however it's not part of the costume at conventions because it's made out of metal) and the teeth. I had to learn to use a lot of new materials and techniques for this project such as Worbla, liquid latex and resin casting. The costume took hundreds of hours to make, however back then I didn't keep track of the exact crafting time.

The photo with the plank background was taken by Tom Garnett at Camcon 2014. The other photos were taken by Joni Halonen and edited by me.


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Series Star Trek
Character Female Klingon warrior
Variant TNG/DS9 era


Emmejo This is amazing! Your attention to every little detail is incredible, it makes you look as if you could have just walked off the show!

Alannaphrat jolie^^