Fire Emblem: Awakening



This is a very important costume for me. Things have been pretty rough for me over the past few months: School stress, the possibility of me having depression, and the passing of my uncle and my dog, among other things. I guess this costume is meant to be my way of saying "I made it". Olivia is one of my favorite characters in Fire Emblem, and to me she represents the idea of overcoming obstacles in your life. Despite her insecurities, she still dances because it's what she loves to do, it's what makes her happy. I truly feel happy when I'm in cosplay, and I'm super excited to wear this costume!

This costume was almost entirely made by my grandmother and I, excluding the shorts, the socks (which were cut from a pair of tights) and the sandals (flip flops covered in brown fabric). The jewelry and belt were made from craft foam that was gessoed and painted with acrylics, and the sash rings were two wooden wreath bases that were painted with acrylics.


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Series Fire Emblem: Awakening
Character Olivia


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