airess as Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Steven Universe


Cosplayer: airess
I've been wanting to do this character for allmost a year now. when I first saw the first Lapis episode of Steven Universe, I said "I never thought there would be a gem or character I had so much in common with". some of her dialogue are things I would usually say, like calling myself a prisoner and feeling that way in highschool. the wig is Aphrodite 15" in dark blue. I made the 2 different gems, cracked and healed out of model magic and used eyelash glue to keep it on. even though it fell off of me and bounced into a fountain lol. I usually use velcrow because its stronger to use. the body paint is a big bottle of light blue acrylic paint, and the face paint is from mehron in light blue. I cant wait to wear this costume again and actually have water in the backround. I also cant wait for my friend to cosplay Steven with me. and I cant wait to have some pictures taken with any random Jasper cosplayer I run into. I'm desperate to have a partner