Mielas as Claire Dearing

Claire Dearing

Jurassic World

Cosplayer: Mielas
WORK IN PROGRESS !!!!!!!!!! My first try at cosplaying with a wig!

I knew the minute I saw the movie that I had to do a Claire cosplay. She was basically I ever wanted in a female character, so I've been collecting everything as I go! This will be premiered at New York Comic Con 2015, so I'm very excited to get this going! I plan on dying the wig to make it darker as the color was not what I wanted, and this will just be a dump of my work as I go along with it!

WIG: Arda Wig in "Jane"
SHOES: Payless
TANK TOP: Target
SKIRT: Amazon
NECKLACE: Charlotte Russe
BELT: Charming Charlie's