Judy Hopps




Zootopia is one of my favorite Disney movies(and the movie that fully brought my love for Disney back!) I love how fun it is, and how each character is lovable(or at least most of them are...)

I love Judy's can-do/glass half full attitude. Though she can be a little stubborn, she still sends a good message. :) I was so excited to start cosplaying her after seeing the movie.

I started with her farmer outfit since it would be easier to get done. I ordered the wig and ears(wig from ebay, ears from aliexpress), found the shirt, ordered the carrot pen from amazon(it also came with her police badge which I'll use for the cop outfit! ^^ ), made a carrot bag to go with the cosplay, as well as carrot hair ties. Everything else I had.


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Created 4 years ago
Series Zootopia
Character Judy Hopps
Variant Farmer Outfit


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