Goddess Nayru

Legend of Zelda



I haven’t played many of the Legend of Zelda games, so I wasn’t overly familiar with the Golden Goddesses until EllyStar decided to design and make original costumes for the three spirits and asked me to model Goddess Nayru for her as water is pretty much my element of choice. I agreed, and we had a blast wearing these!

Construction Notes:
EllyStar made all of the Grecian-style tunics and hand-dyed the fabric to achieve a gorgeous ombre gradient effect. Attached to the back of the dresses are golden sashes. She also made the Triforce peices, as well as belts painted with the Triforce emblem on them and accented with triangle studs. For Nayru, I made jewelry which reflected a fan art of the Goddesses which I personally liked. I used a flexible gold band I found at a costume shop for the headband and used worbla and glass gems to create the fish fin-like accents on the ends. I bought a half-moon gold necklace and a blue and silver bobble bracelet, and found a pair of elf ears and Grecian style gold shoes to complete the look.


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Character Goddess Nayru


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