Riza Hawkeye

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood



So the coat is almost finished (just need to add detailing) same as a corset top. The shirt, pants, boots, and wig are all finished too. Just need to start on the arm-warmers/sleeves.

July 15 - the coat is finished! The only thing left to do is style the wig. (I opted to not do the arm-warmers/sleeves since I think it looks better without them). See you at Otakon with it or look here later for pictures!

August 1 - some preliminary photos . . . I'm still searching down more. I'll put a close up of the military pins up as soon as I have time to take one . . . they were my first clay project and I really impressed even myself with how well they turned out.

August 16 - So after thinking it over and staring at the pics for a while, I think I am going to redo the pants in a color that matches the corset and the jacket. The pants were a dye job and originally were too light but then I re-dyed them and then they were too dark :-(. I'll also be working on a black military coat to go with the outfit at colder cons.

October 4 - Ok, so I've got sewed some pants in the correct color and I also have some boots that are half-calf style (though those will be getting a red sole panting soon...). I'll have new pics up after the photo shoot this weekend.

October 14 - New pics up! I'm really happy with how they turned out. I'm going to work on creating a separate butt cape for AnimeUSA and then I think I will finally be done with all the changes I need to make to this cosplay!


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Series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Character Riza Hawkeye
Variant Sexy Twist/The miniskirt comprimise


spiker7786 This is a beautiful costume, very well done! You make such a pretty Hawkeye!