Riza Hawkeye

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

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My Promised Day Riza Hawkeye costume! I first made this costume back in 2010, and I finally got around to fixing it up this year. I finally made all three versions of the jackets like I originally intended, and acquired a rifle!

The jackets were based off of Butterick 5616, the pants are Butterick 5221, no modifications. The turtle neck was a thrift store find. The blood on the jackets (the new ones anyway) is Perma-Blood, a blood paint that dries flexible with fresh blood like sheen. It’s pretty good stuff. I added a lot more blood to the final stage jacket than before. I decided to add some blood to the right side of the jacket this time, even though it's not accurate to the anime (though it is in the manga). She chills in her own pool of blood for like five minutes. It doesn't make any sense for it to not be there.

I got the wound prosthetics from a Halloween on clearance. I only wear the shoulder wound one now since the neck slit never really showed in photos, and it was a hassle to deal with. I used Kryolan F/X blood, which I loved, because it actually dries on your skin, and isn't sticky like most fake bloods.

The original wig was a Cosworx Clover L in 25, but I replaced it with a "The Dude" from Arda in Pale Blonde.

The rifle is a replica K98 airsoft, which is the closet “real world” match to what she uses during this arc in the anime. (Based on my research anyway.) I need to acquire a scope for it.


@Darth Sunshine
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zizi994 This is so beyond cool! :D Great job!