Bulma Briefs

Dragon Ball



I really like how this turned out, made it in a week, and it's very comfortable to wear! ^_^

Cosplay making details:

Wig: was originally waist long and had waves and no bangs, but the colour was perfect, so I styled it and trimmed it, cut the bangs and made the ponytail, it seems easy but it took 3 hours!

Shirt: was a white cotton t-shirt I bought and cut the sleeves and neckline, had to thin it like about 10 inches to make it tight.

Trousers: I had them already but never wore them...so I just cut one leg and thinned the other leg to make it look tight, I used the remaining fabric from the leg cut to make the waist higher and for the belt I made it with a blue-grey one I had from a dress I never wear...

Arm warmers: made them with orange strecht fabric.

Shoulder pad: made it with strecht fabric and foam, them painted it silver, glued it to the fabric and used and elastic band to attach it to my arm.

Gloves: made them from scratch with black and orange lycra fabric, it was very hard to make them. Then for the letters I used foam, cut it, and pasted it directly to the fabric.

Boots: I bought a pair of black water boots that I spray painted blue. Then I made the covers with blue and green stretch fabric and pasted the foamy letters on them, added some elastic bands to secure it.

Glasses: it is my brother's ski glasses.

Bag: I bought a black and purple bag at decatlon, and fits fine.

Leg bag: made it with green strecht fabric and green laces attached to the waist.


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kalasnacks Super cute!