Summoner Yuna

Final Fantasy X



This is my third go at the costume. Let's see what happens!

The two bracelets were simple to get together. I bought the silver one with links on the cheap from eBay a couple years back and the pearl one I just strung together myself using "freshwater" pearls bought on sale at Michaels. I went with the "freshwater" ones rather than the plastic ones because they looked much more like real, natural pearls than just pearly colored balls of plastic. Yuna seems the more organic type to me.

The rings were pretty easy, too. For the middle ring, I'm using the same ring I always have. I bought it from a little shop years ago; it's 'V' shaped and elegant and reminded my of her necklace. The pinky ring I constructed myself using a regular silver cluster ring blank and some beads I had laying around. I'm very happy with it!

The necklace... I'm still iffy on it. I have the 2 knockoffs and I've tried my hand at making a more accurate one myself, but I've yet to come up with anything I'm remotely happy with. I'm still holding out on coming across someone willing to sell me one of the official necklaces, but I suppose if it comes down to it... I'll just wear one of the ones I have. *pout*

I'm going with Yuna's Enchanted Rod this time around. You know the one; the one with the blueish orb at the top. I used this lovely tutorial as a general basis to what I'm doing:
Except, rather than mess around with clays, I've decided to go the papier-mâché/paper pulp route. After a light sanding, I feel this way will make it all muuuuuch more slick and smooth looking than I could get with clay., actually, the paper pulp didn't come out as smooth as I'd have hoped. BUT! I enjoyed the experience of using it and everything is way sturdy and strong, so I can't really complain too much.
I made the detail around the orb by cutting out two sizes of petal shapes from sheets of white paper foam. These got sealed and painted and are going to be hot glued around the orb.

All of the beads were hand painted by myself. They're a mix of wood, plastic, and glass beads that I had on hand; I just dug around through my giant bag of beads until I found ones of the correct size and shape for all of the beads that make up her 3 earrings and the 2 tassels hanging from her obi. The long earring bead and the 2 on the obi were all cut out of a long piece of 1/4" PVC piping.
Everything got a good coating of gesso, painted their proper colors, and then sealed for protection and to give them all a nice sheen.

...more to come... <3


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Brokenhearte THANK YOUUUU it look samazing!