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Yu Yu Hakusho is my favorite anime and Kurama is my favorite character of all time. He is one of my dream costumes and I am so glad I waited until I had the skills to give him justice! I greatly enjoyed being Kurama. I like the idea of being able to wear makeup and be pretty but not have to be "cute." I can be bad-ass and serious as Kurama too! : D

My sister greatly modified a Chinese style top pattern to create the gi. We made a mock up version and kept altering it until it was right. Blue bias tape was added on the edge. In many images Kurama's gi does not have trim at the very bottom; however, we felt it looked better and was the best way to finish the hems. The belt and yellow gi are made out of bottom-weight fabrics. The pants are altered martial arts pants. We cut the bottoms off and made cuffs. The white top is made from a costume tunic pattern. And the shoes are Kung Fu shoes.

My Rose whip is made from rope, paperweight clay, papier mache, push pins, floral tape, and floral paint. I made a handle out of clay and then papier mached it. I then drilled a hole into the handle and inserted the rope. Afterwards I wrapped the rope, handle, and end piece with floral tape several times. The thorns are clay covered push pins that I glued onto the rope. Finally I sprayed the whole thing with 2 cans of floral tape. The whip is, however, very fragile and the thorns fall off at times.

I used 2 wigs for my Kurama wig. When I was styling the wig, I realized one didn't have enough hair! So I bought a longer one and took out all the wefts from the shorter one. I sewed in those wefts (which took forever!) and then trimmed the bangs and cut the back. I added layers to the sides after I had decided where my long front pieces would be. I used hot rollers and hair spray to accomplish the flips.


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Series YuYu Hakusho
Character Kurama
Variant Dark Tournament Outfit


PerlaBluLele compliments, you are very good as Kurama ^^ I also love Yu Yu Hakusho!