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This is project for the last two months. To my knowledge this is the first King Sombra cosplay other there.

Not to put it lightly, King Sombra didn't get a lot of screen time, so pinning down an outfit that fit the character was a little bit tough. I ended up basing the outfit off of another one of my favorite shows, Game of Thrones, and including the essential elements so you knew it was King Sombra.

This cosplay isn't 100% complete. I still have to add the badge to his head dress, I now have red contacts and there is some seam cleaning and little things to do. I might add chainmail to the costume I haven't really decided yet. Oh and I'll have a crystal heart.

The head dress is made of almost all craft foam. There is a little of bit of wire for support and hot glue to stick it all together. Most of the designs on the head dress are made of hot glue. What I did do different this time was I used Pasti-dip to seal and prime the craft foam before painting it. I works very well although I would suggest a painters mask.

This cosplay is part of full MLP villain group (#villainswag). We have a Discord, Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, Evil!Trixie, Molestia and myself. We will all be attending Ohayocon 2013 . I hope to see everypony there ^^

I also plan on attending:
Canterlot Gardens (if there is another one)
A&G Ohio
(if you're in the midwestern, Ohio area it's not hard to find me ^^)

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