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This is the third fuku I've ever made, so I thought I could handle this project without bigger issues... oh, how wrong I was! The problems resulted my (wide) hip area, and the fact that I apparently learned nothing from the previous fuku projects. Thus, the result turned out somewhat creative:
- The costume has a zipper in the center back that goes down to mid-back. The fuku, however, is slipped on from under the hem, and the costume closes with three poppers in the crotch.
- Because of the short zipper, the ribbons weren't sewn all the way around the waist, but only to the side seams. The ends attach with poppers.

The fabric choices are based on a mutual agreement, since our Eternal group wanted to have matching outfits. Here's what I used for each part of the costume:
- white body: lycra tricot (2 layers)
- upper hem and collar: two-sided acetate satin
- lower hem: duchesse satin
- front and back ribbon: duchesse satin, organza, cottonwool
- sleeves: duchesse satin, organza
- shoe covers: lycra tricot (2 layers), satin ribbon
- gloves: satin gloves (eBay)
- brooch: painted wooden shape, made by Nicara
- ribbons (in general): 1cm wide satin ribbons
- tubes (in general): lycra, cottonwool

The idea combine satin and organza in the ribbons was inspired by malro's epic Sailor Saturn cosplay. Thanks to our own Saturn for bringing up this possibility!

The small decorative stars were purchased from eBay. I also made the cute star earrings, though sadly, the wig hides them most of the time. :(

For the wig, I used the one I originally purchased for Princess Mercury. I've been thinking of getting a new one for future conventions, though.

Despite the headache that resulted from the "hip" problem and an insane amount of hand sewing, all in all I'm quite pleased with the costume! Only, when wearing the costume, I wish I didn't need to stop every few moments to fix the shoe covers - they keep slipping down all the time.


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