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Yun is probably one of my favorite Street fighter characters. I first found out about him in an issue of Tips & tricks magazine. They did an article about the characters from the game Stret fighter 3: 3rd strike. I think I liked him because his character pic showed him as a skateboarder (which I was into skateboarding at that time). Since then, he's been one of my favorite characters from the game series.

The costume was made from an everyday white button-up t shirt. I just cut off the top of the shirt's collar, side pocket and the sleeves and painted in the colors.

The hat was from ebay (it's actually a vintage 1990s hat). His yellow sleeves aren't pictured, but will be in future pics. I will also have to buy a pair of black sweatpants for this costume as well. I will also be including a skateboard deck as a prop for this costume in the future


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Series Street Fighter
Character Yun


CHIBI-Chii Cool! Love the action there. Very inspireing :)

13Kai-Kai Loving the action shots! Great and comfortable looking outfit

~H~ This looks like a fun and comfy costume ^_^. Also, nice action shots!

Peachy Keen I totally remember him! :) It's very refreshing to see someone cosplay a lesser done Street Fighter character. :)

Ion Kudos for cosplaying a character many people skip over! Your action shots are very dynamic and the entire thing looks very comfy. Nice work!

MayonakaAme Not a character you see all the time, great job! ^__^