Allen Walker




Most likely I won't be cosplaying this version again. I think I almost died of heat stroke the second I walked outside. It was the middle of summer in Arizona around 110 degrees (no joke). I made the claws from a very wimpy air drying clay just because it was cheaper and all day I had to deal with the ends breaking off with no way to repair them. I decided to make the long white pimp coat as my friend calls it, out of white blizzard fleece DX it looked nice, but got dirty easily. I'm glad it ended up being a little short or else the bottom would be incredibly dirty.

I loved cosplaying this varient, but there were too many things about the costume to worry about for me to have enjoyed the convention to the fullest.


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Series D.Gray-man
Character Allen Walker
Variant 3rd Uniform and Crown Clown


Rukeya I agree with the above poster. Though I tend to judge cosplay based on the costume, you score extra points for having a great Allen face. : D

Saphira112 You make a GREAT Allen in this though! Maybe if you wanted to do another rendition like this, I've seen where people use the foam/fabric combo (or even cardboard!) for the claw if you wanted to keep your cost down and still have it look just as good :3 Your look overall is awesome! I'm sorry you had a bad time with it, though D: