Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days



Came up with the idea to cosplay her when my brother and his friend were going to cosplay with me and since I absolutely love kingdom hearts, Xion, Roxas and Axel seemed to be an awesome trio cosplay for us to do. I ended up being the only one to make my cosplay ^-^;; but it was still tons of fun!
I styled the wig from a black bob cut wig. Already owned the boots, tights and shirt. Also had the blue contacts already from a previous cosplay.

My favourite part is the keyblade!! Took so long to make but so worth it! Made it from a wooden dowel, foam, a ton of paper mache and spray paint, and a ton of patience. Took over a week to make but very proud of it and it was cheaper and lighter than ones that can be bought online. Also got Hayden Panetierre to sign it because she voices Xion and Kairi :)


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Series Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Character Xion


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