Neo Queen Serenity v.2

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon



Update: I'm sad to say that this cosplay was destroyed on it's first time out. I was able to salvage a few pieces but the cosplay as a whole was beyond saving.

So this cosplay is pretty much finished, the only thing left is it's debut, not sure when that will be at this point but maybe in the next year.
So let's break it down;

Gown: I used the a base pattern from Butterick to make the dress itself, the fabrics were white bridal satin and matching chiffon. I sewed on three extra layers of chiffon to create the fullness of the skirt. The bodice was done in three separate layers: One was the circles which were beaded onto white twill and carefully sewn onto the scalloped bodice, two was sewing each one on individually and the third step was the hand sewing the beaded embellishments on with a beading line called wildfire. The embellishment was made with four different trims sewn together with the pearls which are sewn onto a heavy gauge ribbon, the pearls are from a craft store. The ribbon shown was made out of the same satin and a very heavy interfacing. The armband are lace up belts with a multitude of different silk flowers and wedding picks sewn on, as well as flat back gems glued on for extra sparkle.

The Staff: The staff was constructed in three stages. The first thing I did was spray paint the main rod pure white. Next I painted and super glued a the polystyrene ball to the base of the pull and capped it with a wooden bead to protect the polystyrene. The top piece was the tricky part, first I sculpted the winged piece of of sculpey, after baking it I backed it was craft foam. Painting it was easy as it was mainly white. The orb on the top was made out of a clear plastic Christmas ornament that I stuffed and entire spool of iridescent curling ribbon into. The scrolls were made of out scupley as well and the ring is a spray painted handbag handle held in place with beading wire. I then hid everything with more craft foam and puffy paint.

The Tiara: This was probably the easiest thing given I've done about four times now. I was sculpted out of scupley and pinned together with jewellery headpins. I painted it and clear coated it before I bonded it with foam backing. I then super glued it the thin metal head band and gave a few days to set.

The Accessories: The bracelet is a basic pearl bead bracelet. The earrings on the other hand were tricky, the pearls were glued to each other before I set them into a earring blank. The gold gems were carefully wrapped in wire to hang the crescent moons from beneath them.

The Shoes: These were a pair of flats I picked up at my local Adene's for about five bucks. I then glued with details onto them.

All in all this costume is my favourite and my dream cosplay.


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Series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Character Neo Queen Serenity v.2
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AkiJudaichan No matter how many times I look at this cosplay, I am still in awe of how beautiful it is.

Elycium The work you've put into this is spectacular! I look forward to seeing more photos of you in it!

AlaizabelCray This is gorgeous! If I were doing a Sailor Moon-themed wedding, I would legit hire you to make my wedding dress! You're insanely talented!

GracefulNightingale My mind is literally spinning by all of the intricate detail that you have put into this costume!!! I can't even imagine how many hours total that you must have logged in the creation of this whole project, but everything looks INCREDIBLE!!!! You are truly talented my dear! Fantastic work!!! :heart:

Prota-Girl Ahhh! Oh my gosh! The detail you did is amazing!!! Ahh! @[email protected] Well done!!

SuperBee Very impressive!!! I love how you have so many details included! I might have to use your orb technique... Genius!

Naudae So, I just showed my girlfriend your pictures...and she's a HUGE Sailor Moon geek. Her response was: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" My ears are ringing right now because of her and your absolutely adorable look in this cosplay! Well done!

Ion Lovely work. I really like all the attention to detail and the beadwork. I do hope you will update photos when you debut the costume.

mqnania Love this so far great work! Very good attention to detail X3

LinkPwnsGanon You are doing an amazing job on this and it really shows! :D

~H~ You did such beautiful work on this! I can't wait to see some pics of it all together ^_^.

Kid-Krazi Stunning details o: This is beautiful!!

Maurishio-kun I'm so impressed on how detailed you made this costume :D Great job!

AshRudel In the name of the moon, this cosplay will punish everyone but you! Wait...I think I did that speech wrong.

Naudae! Words cannot portray how beautiful this looks! You've done an incredible job on this!

KitoCosplay Looks beautiful! Can't wait too see it when it's finished