Derek C.Simmons

Resident Evil 6



YES! YES! THIS IS IT! Finally,the WORLDWIDE exclusive Cosplay (at least until now) of one of my favorite villains from Resident Evil 6,is here!
That exclusiveness makes me feel special!
Anyway,with pride and also with great pleasure,i present you the Phase 1 of my third Cosplay,representing myself as Derek C.Simmons,the National Security Advisor of U.S.A,which he's actually the second main antagonist of Resident Evil 6,after beloved Carla Radames.
The costume it was so easy to be created,except the exact details.For example,the details on his jacket-coat.When my tailor's partner made a mistake on his jacket-coat,i considered this mistake for good,because i wasn't totally satisfied about the fabric.
After realizing my own mistake,i got a new,better fabric and i was being totally satisfied for the right result!
As for his bola tie,the only "difficult" part was the White House sign,but thanks to my graphics artist partner,another one item had been completely prepared with full success.
I know that the white background doesn't fit much with this costume,but for once i wanted some natural photos and not edited.Actually,there will be some edited photos,since some photographs must be similar with the prototype ones as a result of a great Cosplay.
The photoshooting of Phase 1 had been completed at January 23,2014.


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Created 6 years ago
Series Resident Evil 6
Character Derek C.Simmons
Variant National Security Advisor/Head of "The Family"


IchiBLEACHcake First Simmons cosplay I've ever seen! I was hoping to see one when I dressed as Ada!