Carla Radames/Ada Wong

Resident Evil 6



This Cosplay will be the most greatest Representation in my own history of Cosplay,since i got in to the room at April 2,2013.
Since the very first moment i played the game,i adored Carla Radames,as a typical admirer of villains and decided to embody her through the Art of Representation.
Well,after making a "deal" with the wrong "partners",FINALLY and my favorite word never had a great meaning like now before,i managed to found,after a whole 11 months of emotional and physical torture,a TRUE and a PROFESSIONAL partner in order to embody my most favorite female character,Carla Radames,from my favorite videogame ever,Resident Evil 6.
I FINALLY got what i ever wanted from Cosplay:The incarnation of Carla Radames through the Art of Representation,in order to present the BEST Cosplay of her has been ever presented.

Producer:Dimitris Papadopoulos (
Cosplayer:Afroditi Sotiriou
Photographer:Spiros Kakouris (

Live Action Reenactments:

1) Carla Radames in Mercenaries (Preview)

2) Ada's Demise? Cutscene

3) Ada vs.Ada Cutscene

4) Carla's Indelible Memory

5) Declaration of Victory Cutscene


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Series Resident Evil 6
Character Carla Radames/Ada Wong
Variant Head of Neo-Umbrella


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