Woodland Fawn


Originally made for Fanime'13, but didn't get a chance to wear it till that Fall.

My wreath is made from faux ivy, various flowers, leaves, feathers and plastic butterflies. The horns are separate and made out of model magic with clear nail polish on the tips so they won't break so easily.

Bodice- Made of faux suedes and a brown upholstery with several colors woven into it. I hammered grommets into the front panel so i can lace it up with purple cording (which I may replace with suede cording next time).

Skirt(s)- Made of a darker faux suede than the top and is tacked in place. My ruffle butt is a hubbub of cottons, more upholstery, more faux suedes, a gold lame scarf, etc.

Belts- Both are made of pleather; One is a strap off an old purse and the lighter belt and garter belt were made by cutting slits every 1" and threading through a 3/4" strip of pleather.

Other Accessories- My armband is a belt I butchered and E6000'd together. My anklets are rabbit fur trim and lace up in the back with more purple cording.
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