Katen Kyokotsu


@Lucy Hyde


Head piece made in forex and resin, hand painted with acrylic colours.
Front skull made in foam rubber and papier-mache.
Skull on the back hand painted with deka art colour.
The wig is made in kanekalon. It was originally very long. Once cut, the locks were glued and styled.


@Lucy Hyde
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Last Updated 8 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Bleach
Character Katen Kyokotsu
Variant Zanpakutō arc (Zanpakutō Unknown Tales)


Lucy Hyde @Fabulousity: I'm sorry, no. I'm not an expert, I cannot guarantee on the result of my wig experiment nor on meeting a deadline.

Fabulousity Do you take wig commissions?

Lucy Hyde Sei schifosamente di parte e per questo non fai testo...ma mi fa ugualmente piacere sentirtelo dire! ;o)

Jan_Valek la migliore katen che io abbia mai visto..attendo il vestito finito