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I decided to do this out of just pure love of the game itself and because I can totally pull off lulu. I'm of larger stature so I prefer to find/make costumes that will work with the figure I have and not against it.
Costume portion is complete just need , garter belt and belts for the arms along with possibly a cactaur plush :3

For those wondering why some things look different on the costume compared to the game:
I had a very hard time finding fabric in my area. Very very hard time. I spent days searching. I looked online too and that really bothered me. I prefer to buy my fabric in store. I like to see it, touch it, and feel it. I could -not- find any gray/charcoal grey ish fabric that i was pleased with. Alot of it was too cheap, wrinkled like crazy, or just wasn't anywhere near the color i wanted. I had to settle with something. Black it shall be. This can be switched easily. I have the patterns for how i did these pieces so it's not like i'm working from scratch anymore.
Details were color because, to me, i felt like they get avoided. I wanted them to pop. Just shot for more of a wow factor. Leaving them white felt so...odd. I feared that they would blend together too much and really, lulu's details have pastel colors. It's just not as bold as mine. I can actually adjust this now if its too much pizazz lol.
Belts: Please, for the love of all that's holy don't even get me started. XD That is officially the one piece of the costume i am 100% defensive on lol. I spent months hunched over this belt skirt. Each belt was hand sewn on. There is not one, not two but THREE steel boning hoops at the bottom of the belt skirt. It keeps its shape fine. I also have no issues walking with it.
Fur trim i had the same issue as the fabric for the dress/skirt stuff. I tried online, i tried in store...absolutely nothing. I liked the color just wanted longer fur and nothing i found online was going to be wide enough, long enough, or the right color. I know others have found the right piece to use and i do feel like where i live quite lacks in the fabric department.
I'm not trying to make excuses since this was many months of searching for the right pieces. Unfortunately i felt like i had to let my pickyness slide on some parts because of lack of options :/ I hope this doesn't detract from the dress overall.


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Wingeddeath243 Thanks :D

Pika Buddy Oh, wow! Your cosplay is so accurate, I love it!

Wingeddeath243 Thank you :)

CyberneticDenim This is gorgeous! The detail on the skirt and corset is amazing!

Wingeddeath243 Belt skirt was made by making an A-line skirt(should go to the floor)with canvas. Put 2 pieces of steel hoop boning (tape them together with electrical tape) in the bottom hem of the skirt. Then put on belts whichever way you want with fabric glue and sewing them down with thick yarn. I have one belt holding this all up and only put belts on the front of the skirt since that's really all that's needed. I think i went through 45-50+ belts. It's heavy but it looks better than having just a few belts criss-crossing in front. If you have any more questions feel free to ask

Lulu Rush cool how did you make the belt skirt?