Yoko Littner

Gurren Lagann



My first Yoko cosplay is a costume I hold near and dear to my heart because it was the first costume I truly made all from scratch, and it introduced me to so many wonderful people in the cosplay community. Though this is an older costume of mine, it still has a lot of interesting construction involved in it! Read up on all the construction notes at:

✨🌸 www.momokurumi.com/yoko 🌸✨

⭐ I offer a template for the sniper rifle for this costume! ⭐
Assembly videos are always free to view on YouTube!

πŸ›’ Buy my custom made pattern for this cosplay at:

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Last Updated 6 years ago
Created 9 years ago
Series Gurren Lagann
Character Yoko Littner
Variant Main


tokalaangel :o love this cosplay! What material did you use for her shorts? Was it stretchy? Im trying to make this cosplay right now and found out the hard way that non-stretch pleather is a pain to work with :(

Papoose830 Where did you get your shorts at ? I'm going to be yoko in August and I have no clue where I would get shorts.

wop increible ^^ me gusto mucho

PuuNyaa Really stunning :)

mutsumifruit Wow did you make that rifle yourself?

bossbot You're such an amazing Yoko!!

KnightJeran You are a great Yoko! Your attention detail and clean construction is awesome!! I love all your pictures!

Shigatsu You are an amazing yoko <3

cosplayseeker93 Daamn.....very eye catching....>////< For a work in progress its really nice.