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I've been following the series since I was in 6th grade, and I thought that it was about darn time that I made some Hogwarts robes. Finding the perfect wig for my favorite character, Luna Lovegoood, officially "sealed the deal." This is sort of my lazy cosplay, too, considering it's my first one that involves little to no sewing--I'm just making the skirt and accessories &gt;.<

[x]Robes: I actually decided to purchase my robes from Whimsic Alley, considering the cost of materials would be about the same as the cost of the finished product ;3 The patch was found on ebay for $4, and it's purdy darn accurate to boot!~

[x]Sweater: Ordered from site is a bit wonky to navigate, but extremely quick shipping, and I LOVE my Ravenclaw sweater :3

[x]Necktie: ordered from

[x]Skirt: 100% complete--free-drafted charcoal-grey linen. This pattern was a major pain, seeing as there's nothing commercially available pattern-wise that's even close for the skirts worn in POA onward, but I figured it out :)





[x]Wig: Found the perfect wig on ebay, and then fluffed it out a bit with a wide-toothed comb so that it would be more wavy than curly :)

[x]Wand: 100% complete--I semi-imitated Luna's wand from the movie, but also added some of my own touches :) A 14" dowel covered in paper-clay, carved, painted to imitate wood, and sealed with modge podge--took about three days to complete. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, the process went rather smoothly for an experiment and the cost of supplies only totaled to about $10 ^__^

[x]Dirigible Plum Earrings: 100% complete-- orange sculpey painted with acrylics and sealed, with silk leaves and french hooks.

[x]Butterbeer cork necklace: I went with a combination of the book and movie--pale blue seed beads and seven corks instead of just one :)

[x]Spectrespecs: I found the official licensed pair on sale :)


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