Avatar: The Last Airbender



I bought matte lycra fabric on ebay, because I couldn't find the right colours at the local fabric stores. I tried to make the pieces as legit as possible with bathing suit lining. It was a real pain working with lycra...but I'm satisfied with the results! I also made the fire nation emblem with worbla.

Since in the series, Azula's hair are not the same as when she wears her normal clothes, I decided to make another wig! I bought a Suzy in Natural Black with a lace front from Arda Wigs. Unlike my other Azula wig, I didn't glue the ponytail together so that I could reuse the wig for when Azula wears her hair loose, or for another cosplay.


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Series Avatar: The Last Airbender
Character Azula
Variant Swimsuit


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