creativecrater as Rapunzel



Cosplayer: creativecrater
Made the best possible Rapunzel costume I could with only two months of little free time so that I could dress up with my boyfriend who was Flynn Rider. I don't know how he'd feel to having his picture up online, so you only get a look at my costume.

I learned a LOT. There are still unfinished parts, but the corset/fitted styled top was my first time attempting anything like it and other than not finishing the collar trim, adding lace, or making the sleeves properly, I am truly proud of it. I was never satisfied with the materials or patterns or colors I got, but I think I made it work. Seriously, this is probably my favorite costume because I get to be my favorite princess AND I get my prince charming. <3

As for details, made the entire thing from scratch. The corset and skirt are two completely separate pieces. Bought a wedding dress petticoat that I folded and pinned under my skirt to be the correct shorter length. The skirt was MASSIVELY too huge when I first made it and the seams ended up shifting when I adjusted it all, which made the "side" zipper end up a little more to the front. Never got to paint on the trim detail on the skirt. Didn't get to put elastic on the end of the "puff" sleeves so they hang weird. The back had to be sewn together cuz I didn't have time to add the buttons above the back zipper on the corset. Wore nude colored flats. Found "pascal" aka Iggy the Iguana at a yard sale! Forgot my frying pan ALL the times I got to where it.

A little girl dressed all colorful and circus-y that came to trick or treat made my night. She was walking away and tugged on her dad's shirt and said "That girl looked just like Rapunzel!". :D And I even got to wear it to work (I'm a dental assistant) which is a rare opportunity for me! Wheee!

Now worn: Halloween 2013, Anime Expo 2015