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At Katsucon 2013, my friend Jess and I were talking about cosplaying from more obscure series. I mentioned 07-Ghost and she chimed in with "I LOVE 07-Ghost! We should cosplay it together!" and we decided then and there to be Labrador and Frau the following Katsucon.

That...thing. Shirt/top/sweater/coat/whatever the hell that thing is was a turtleneck sweater from walmart that I put fur and tails and fabric on. Then I bought a bunch of flowers, also from walmart (the fabric also came from walmart. Labrador was the Walmart cosplay, ok?) I wore my prince Lui boots since Labrador wears lace up boots. The wig was from epiccosplay.


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Series 07-GHOST
Character Labrador
Variant Black Outfit


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