The Tenth Doctor

Doctor Who



Ever since I started watching Doctor Who when the 9th Doctor started his journey, I've wanted to cosplay the Doctor. I ended up picking the Tenth as my choice. Saddly never able to get my hair the right way. But still fun none the less


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Series Doctor Who
Character The Tenth Doctor


KitoCosplay I'll be honest, I saw my first Doctor Who episode not too long ago. I'm kind of "meh" about it (mainly because I don't get any of the BBC channels), but I got much respect for the fanbase

~H~ My favorite Doctor! Very nice cosplay ^_^.

Brightworks Overall I adore this costume but that's because I'm a total fan girl for 10.

LinkPwnsGanon An amazing cosplay overall, good job! :)

celticzombie wow. great job dude, your costume work is fantastic!

Ion You pulled off the costume and the look very well! You say you didn't get the hair quite right, but it seems to me that you had fun all the while and definitely embodied the character. Can't ask for much more than that. :)